Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection Week 3 Term 4

Today we had another Kiwi Can session with Miss Tuia and Mr Numia, started it off with our energizer. Our energizer was following instructions. One person goes and look at our instructions then comes back and tells us what we had to do

After our energizer we played our activity and our activity was “Human Knot” there would be two groups and both groups form a circle and everybody in the circle has to grab a hand across them with their right hand then after their right they grab another person’s hand with your left hand then try untangle yourself without letting go. Our group took three minutes to untangle ourselves but the other group took a while to untangle themselves we redid ours over and over again until the other group finished.

We had GKQ, General, Knowledge, Questions, after our activity. Four people started then the next four until it ends. We ended it with our goodbye.

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