Monday, 17 December 2012


The past nine years they can finally show their latest models. In the Los Angeles auto show they also had challenged auto designers to create a version of futuristic vehicles. It is like a ultimate racing car but futuristic. The new cars are Mercedes- Benz Ener-g-force BMW human drone pursuit vehicle General motors, volt squad and Honda CHP drone squad and other new cars most of the car were police cars. HERE IS A LINK.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Joseph L Presents Tuesday Farewell Assembly JPCC

Mrs Boyer farewell assembly was on Tuesday 11 December 2012.When we came in I was looking around at the other students two lines got separated one line went on the other side of the hall and the other went on the other side.For a while Mrs Kelly started to talk to all the students that were there.Everyone in the hall sang count on two was just about to get ready and do their performance on the stage.

It was silent the children on the stage sang a song the song was finished and they came off the stage.It was room fours turn when the performance was finish we clapped and cheered.Now it was Rm ones turn they went on stage and performed they were finished there was really cool performances.It took long but we handle sitting on the floor.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Joseph L Presents Netbook Reflection 2013 JPCC

I don’t have a netbook but I use a computer the computer is great for me because I have the advantage to improve my learning faster because its easier to type my writing in and I can get my work done faster and finish my work so I can go on my next task. My class can research anything like history and I improved so much at my maths reading and writing. Our class go on sites like maths-whizz and other sites that contain reading and writing. Thank you Manaiakalani trust for giving me the advantage to improve my learning through with technology.