Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection Joseph L Presents VPP

How has having a netbook helped my learning ?

It has improved my learning a lot and faster. I have learnt plenty sites to work on, the online sites also helps my learning.

Has having a netbook communicate with your teacher ?

We can communicate to our teacher by school email, discuss our work and see what we need to edit. Our parents will be able to email the school teacher to discuss their children's academic levels see if they need extra work and if they need a tutor.

What have you learnt online ?

Online I have learnt to be cyber smart. Confirm with a teacher before opening something you don’t recognize. Online people could try and hack other people’s account.

What have you learnt this year from your friends ?

I’ve learnt from my friends shortcuts on the netbook, how to exit or create a new tab and how to go on your history. GBS has created me an email account to help me evolve in my learning.

Have you helped other people this year ?

I have helped people in their individual blogs. I’d have showed them ways to comment on other peoples individual blogs. I’d helped people edit their work with no mistakes.

How has digital learning helped your learning ?

Digital learning has improved my academic levels faster on an exercise book. Digital learning is an environmental learning, it saves the environment by reducing the amount of trees getting chopped.

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Alien Lenturers Vs The Army Bots Joseph L Presents WJP

I woke up out of nowhere bleeding and wounded. I was still stuck in the battlefield. I was separated from my unit, my unit was called Bravo 313 . We were at war with these alien lenturers, the Lenturers are these aliens that entered our ozone layer in the U.S.A, We spotted them one month ago. We thought that they weren’t any harm until their second in command spoke. He said with an unusual voice “ Looper shanks clark tougher gala”. We couldn’t understand anything that the creature said so general Stone logged into a computer and translated the words it said “Surrender all your water resources. I am the second in command surrender all your resources immediately!”. My unit knew it was a threat. The scientists built robots for the army, its height was 8 foot 6. We were evacuating people In the U.S.A so no civilians could interfere in the battle. We were setting five bases around the whole area we sent out our second best force Alpha 23 to scout around the area. Minutes later the fourth base heard gunshots they looked outside the whole alpha 23 had been skinned but a Lenturer was left and badly wounded. They shot it dead and took it back to the science lab to analyze the body. The scientists discovered that their enemies internal organs were at different areas. Their hearts was at the back of their heads, their lungs was behind their back, its brain was at their chests and they carry heavy firepower. The scientists tried to combine their guns and human guns together to form a unique masterpiece and equip it to the bots. The scientists came running to general stone and told everything he discovered but he had all bots ready for combat. Four hours later we received an urgent message from the general of the Russian army he was covered in his blood we saw him on the skype video he said that they were invaded by these aliens, he died slowly in a painful way. We all went to war. We wore the combat bots suits and then we ambushed the aliens we were still fighting for almost 3 hours but no one knew who won that day there could be more still on their way.