Friday, 28 June 2013

Copy Of Narrative - A Doggy Tale Joseph L Presents JPCC

One Friday a sheriff named sheriff Rusty and his police dog Dada was on patrol. It was nearly their break so sheriff Rusty entered the Burger King restaurant and ordered a combo. While he was waiting for his ordered he walked in the supermarket next door and purchased three packets of dog food. He bumped into a guy and when the guy looked at the dog he offered him an opportunity for his police dog to be on a TV commercial. The man who offered him the the job said he was looking for a police dog he also said he auditioned a couple of people they didn’t suit the advertisement that he was shooting he said they just don’t follow to the instructions the director says. The stranger gave him his card he said “I’m shooting on and island 20 miles from here I’ll organise a boat for you at Hikaparoo bay” . Sheriff Rusty ate his burgers. He drove to the location where his boat was parked. The sheriff took out a gun from his car once he hopped on the boat he was looking for the key but the key was already in the ignition. They got to the island and 5 security guards were waiting for him, they started to shoot the commercial. Sheriff Rusty was next to the camera the one who was shooting the advertisement pushed the camera to the sheriff and kidnapped his dog they all took off their masks and he recognized they were international criminals.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Copy Of Procedural Writing Joseph L Presents JPCC

Procedural Writing

WALT write a recipe
Success Criteria:
My recipe will have a title
It will have a list of ingredients and equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my dish in order. Each step will start with a ‘bossy’ (imperative) verb
It will have a conclusion
It will have pictures to show how to make the dish

To check out how good procedures are written, click on the links below.

Title: French Toasts
What you Need: Pan, plate, spoon to stir, bowl and a spachular       


Ingredients:6 Eggs, bread, milk, salt, butter and honey
1.Crack the egg into a bowl stir it with a spoon.
2.Pour the milk inside the bowl with the eggs and stir it with a spoon.
3.Cut a slice of butter, heat the pan and put the slice of butter on the pan.
4.Once the pan of butter is finish melting, dip the bread inside the bowl of eggs and put it on top of the pan.
5.Once the french toast is finish put it on a plate, put a little salt on top of it and squeeze a little honey around the plate and then eat.

Conclusion: The french toast isn’t hard to make but I think if you are a beginner it might be difficult for you to make.


Friday, 14 June 2013

The Duffy Show Recount Joseph L Presents JPCC

One Tuesday afternoon there was a Duffy show set up in the hall for the senior block. The date was 28/05/13. They were four main characters Scruffy, Afi, Duffy and Vore chart. It all began when varchart appeared in Duffy’s dream at night he took Duffy with him to a galactic competition where he fought with words in. Vore chart Versed his first opponent it was a girl. She defeated him with good words. Meanwhile Vore chart‘s next opponent was a girl who lived in a urban city and who dressed funny. She had so many words. After Vore Chart travelled back to earth he took his plunger out of his pocket and stole most of Duffy’s words. Then they had a competition then they versed Vore chart for Duffy's words back then they won by using a different language. Meanwhile went they went back to their house scruffy learnt how to

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Protesters Night Joseph L Presents JPCC

The government sold houses that families lived in. The families whose house was taken protested against the government, the happening was last night at Taniwha Street and Fenchurch Street. I didn’t know people were protesting last night until I heard about it last night the protesters were loud as five party’s in one street. I feel sorry for the families who lost their homes.

School Journal Part 3 Number 2 - 2005, Pages 8 - 14

Against the Wind by Cheri Pinner

WALT: answer questions using full sentences

Activity 1 - Reading Response - Monday

Answer these questions based on the story using full sentences.

1. Why was Yeye making the kite?
Because she was going to New Zealand

2. How were Yeye and Ai Mei related?
Yeye is Ai Mei’s grandfather

3. Why were Ai Mei’s parents at the Beijing Airport?
They were waiting for their flight to call out

4. What was the name of the kite?
Jin Long

5. Why was Ai Mei home sick when school started?
The school was much different than Beijing schools

6. Why did Ai Mei decide to bring Jin Long in on the first day she took
it out to fly?
Because it couldn’t fly properly
7. What did see on the kite when it landed at her feet?
A calligraphy

8. How was Ai Mei able to keep in touch with her grandfather in

Activity 2 - Vocabulary - Tuesday

Make sentences with these words.

1. messages- I received two messages from my grandfather.

2. boring- It was boring at home.

3. understand- I understand that you are not from this country

4. weather-The weather is very hot.

5. upwards- My drive way is faced upwards.

6. pointed-I pointed at amazing stuff in the museum.

7. wished- I wished the best for my relatives.

9. confused-I was confused when there was three of me from the future.

10. different-I had different clothes for winter and summer.

Activity 3 - Punctuation - Wednesday

Write these paragraphs using correct punctuations.

At first  New Zealand was exciting  Ai Mei and her parents visited lots of new places before her father began his work at the university and her mother chose a house for them beside a park

Yeye would like the green and the space  thought Ai Mei when they had moved in

Activity 4 - Story Review - Thursday

Write a review of this story.Use the Story Review template.


This story is about...............A kite.........................

The characters in this story are.....Ai Mei, Yeye, The mother and the father......................

This story takes place ….............New Zealand................................

I liked this story because................It’s about kites....................

Activity 5 - Title Page - Friday

Design a Title Page for this story. Use Sumo Paint.

Supplementary Activity - Sunshine Online

Monday, 10 June 2013

Netball Game New South Wales Vs Queensland Vs Underdogs Joseph L Presents JPCC

WALT : Write a recount it must have at least 6 different sentence starters and 2 examples of direct speech and similes.

It was a Friday morning Rm 7 was ready to go to netball. There were three teams they had the opportunity to choose their team name.Team underdog chose the purple bib and the other team chose the blue bib the blue bib was almost camouflaged into the blue uniform. The clouds were blocking the sun but it didn’t rain the first game was played. coach Jenna shouted “half time” then a few minutes later Jenna shout “Full time” the game was finished. We lost but we didn’t care. I was cold the wind was blowing and the clouds is so grey.

It was the next teams game we sat down for a while but soon it was halftime. Everyone on the court looked exhausted sweat pouring down their face. Then finally team queensland turn was finally over it was underdogs turn. The game just started and the morning tea bell rang.