Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse Report

Child abuse

      What is physical abuse?

If you are physically hurting your child which isn't the right thing to do that is called child abuse cause parents shouldn't lay their hands on their own child and hurting them is the wrong thing to do. Children's parents has the responsibility on their own child's safety, if their kids don't feel safe around them and they have been sighted publicly abusing their child they should this out and find another way of discipline.

What is Child abuse?

Child abuse is when an adult smacks you or spanks you for doing the wrong thing but child abuse isn't the right thing to do. Child abuse is just not physical abuse only you can abuse your child in different ways such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexually abuse and mentally abuse.

Child Abuse Opinions

Danny Joe
Danny Joe disagrees with child abuse and he said they should ring someone for help and get support for their family.
Justin disagrees with child abuse
Its bad because kids gets hurt
Samuel thinks that the parents should separate from their children and send the children to a foster family
Sifa says it's good for child abuse because he said you can learn from one beating and never do it again
Yes child abuse is good for discipline
Voni thinks that the government should stop parents from abusing their own children
Lennyx says child is the wrong thing to do
its dangerous
its dangerous and very very wrong because parents should not lay hands on their children
He thinks its dangerous and the solution is to take the parents to prison
He thinks its very bad and it could affect their brain and it may carry on for future generations in their family
i think that the children should be put into foster homes and the parents should be put into jail for a certain amount of time.
Ilalio says child abuse is wrong
No because when they get the beatings it will continue on onto their children and it will become a cycle
I think that child abuse is wrong and that it should stop. I also think that the government should step up and actually do something about child abuse because right now not much has been done.
I think parents should be separated from their kids and put in Mental Hospitals. They shouldn't be abusing their kids but just growling them. If parents continue abusing their kids, then the kids will start abusing their own kids, so it will be going in circles.
I think child abuse is mean to the children and parents should stop that because it is not a nice thing to hit a child or put them down and making them feel bad about themselves.Children should be cared for by their parents or caregiver.They shouldn't hit them and call it discipline they should just send them to their room.So I think child abuse is bad.
It’s not good
He said it's no good
Fine disagrees with child abuse because she said it’s wrong
No because children don’t deserve to get hurt for nothing
No because it’s not good for children to get hurt
No because it’s against the law
No because it’s bad for you and it’s sore
It’s bad for the kids to get hurt
It’s not good for kids to get hidings
No because people can follow on what they are doing because it’s bad, dangerous, scary and the parents will die