Friday, 24 May 2013

Copy Of No More Cats Joseph L Presents JPCC

Green Group

No more cats by Jennifer Beck SJ. pt.1 No.3 2008

1. Take a screenshot of the story and insert into this document.
2. What do you think this story is about?

About no more cats.
3. In your own words explain why Dad did not want another cat.
Because the last cat they had got sick and was put to sleep.

4. What did Dad plan to do about the stray cat?
Feed it for about a week and if it trusts us it won’t run away when you are close and after they have caught the cat they would take it to the SPCA.

5. Why is it more difficult to find a new home for an adult cat?
Because people like cute kittens because its all fluffy.

6. When had the old cat carrier box last been used?
It wasn't used since their previous pet cat Rusty died.

7. Who was Rusty? Explain what had happened to him.
Rusty was the previous cat they had owned before he died when Because he got very sick and then the vet had to put him to sleep.

8. In your opinion was Dad fond of cats? Use evidence from the story to support your

9. Why do you think the writer thought Dad was just plotting to catch the cat?
Maybe Because the dad was going to

10. When the writer got home from soccer what did she find?
Dad on his favorite chair watching the motor race channel on TV leaning back on his chair with the cat sleeping on his lap

11. Explain why Dad thought Furrari would be a good name for the stray cat.
Because he when the dog was going to catch the cat the cat ran fast as a ferrari
12. Complete the key vocabulary table:
what you think it means
dictionary definition
straight things
smooth or glossy, as hair, an animal
its naughty
skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, as in deceiving
when it hops a lot
to swoop down suddenly and grasp, as a bird does in seizing its prey.
Its like lying down on someone but not fully
to incline or bend from a vertical position
The living room
to pass time idly and insolently
Kind of like patting
a hitting of or upon anything

Use the above words in sentences of your own. You need to use one adjective and
one verb in each sentence. Highlight each one in a different color as shown.
(Example - Sione cut open his packet of chicken noodles and dropped them into the
shiny steel pan of hot water to cook.)

In the afternoon I came and leaned on the plastic window.
I was combing my sleek black hair.  
When I heard something in the lounge I went for a look.
I saw my dad stroking a cat.
My dad was thinking of ways the cat could die like the previous cat Rusty.
My  dad even thought what happened if it pounced off the neighbours two story house just so it could injure the bird by squashing it. The cat was very cunning.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rooms 7 Pledge Joseph L Presents JPCC

Following our 'Tread Lightly Caravan' experience the students of Room 7 decided to make a pledge. Change begins with one step in the right direction......we will all make a difference to save our planet Earth.

Shorter showers 7
Walk to school 14
Turn lights off when leaving room 7
Turn off tap when brushing teeth 10
Don't leave plugs at wall on standby   5
Use public travel for transport    11
Plant more trees   10
Recycle E-waste and paper 8

Copy Of Recount Writing Template Joseph L Presents JPCC

Room 7 walked downed to the hall to have a session with the tread lightly caravan. There were two women named Kelly and Kate they were our two instructors they helped us with our session. They gave us the simple instructions for the six activities we were going to do. I was put in group four there was six groups one to six.


Monday, 20 May 2013

Star Dome Recount Joseph L Presents JPCC

Thursday morning the 9 of May the two oldest classes in the Glenbrae senior school travelled on a bus to go to Stardome. Both classes departed at 11:15 and met Rm 1 and 5 at the Stardome Observatory. We waited for a while outside then we went inside. Mr Andrew lead us into a theatre where there 
were seats that was comfortable as a bean bag.

When we finished in the theatre Mr Andrew gave us a chance to cruise around the place looking at the object's that astronauts in space uses we saw orange and white astronaut suits.

After a while we went in the auditorium it wasn’t that big but it could fit all of us. Mr Andrew showed us a video clip about this astronaut demonstrating how to brush your teeth in space. The second video clip Mr Andrew showed us was with the same person. He was telling us how to poop in space he gave us simple instructions to poop in space. He said that on the toilet there is a belt you wrap around your waist and just poop when they are finished they shoot into the atmosphere so it could burn..

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Holiday Recount Joseph L Presents JPCC

In the holidays I did nothing except eat, drink, watch movies and play video games at home. I didn’t wanted to do anything in the holidays I just wanted to relax at home drink cold drinks and do no house chores. Nothing special happened to me in the holiday.

Most of the times in the holidays I go to pak’n’save buy me chocolate, drinks and lollies because I live near G.I.  The holidays were quite long for me but it 
was still cool at the end of the holidays.
When school was about to start I didn’t want the holidays to end because it was fun for me.

The Greek Gods Joseph L Presents JPCC


The full moon shone brightly in the night summer sky, stars twinkled like a million fairy lights....
when Jonatas the commander of all spartans was guarding the castle from being harm because the spartan king was celebrating with the villagers because it was the first time they had won the war between sparta and the barbarians. He was watching the sky after five seconds he heard a noise. But after Jonatas just thought it was a safe night there was a loud sound from a horn he knew that tone crash there was an archer aiming for him he quickly remembered what was that sound it was from the barbarian horn he heard it many times in war with the barbarians, when Jonatas turned around he saw a whole army with brutal weapons in their hands
he quickly ran to the bell he rang it triple times and on his way he shouted “Barbarian invasion” twice but as he looked at the army again the barbarian warriors he saw were at the war not that long ago and there was the warriors he killed in battle. Jonatas knew Hades the god of the underworld brought them back to destroy sparta, Hades always hated sparta. Soon the whole army was ready but sparta had already been defeated as he turned around there wasn’t anything left except destroyed buildings and dead people but he knew the king was safe with the other spartans. There were several dead spartans and villagers on the floor with swords stuck on top of their backs and three arrows in front of their heads, they all died from the invasion they did not survive. So that’s when Jonatas got up and started a journey to search for the god of the underworld but he knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get into the underworld.

Paragraph 2

Jonatas was just walking searching and thinking how to access Hades realm but he knew the only way to get in Hades realm is to die. Soon he opened a door that lead him right in a place that was filled with statues that looked scary.