Friday, 6 September 2013

Where No Boat Could Live Joseph L Presents JPCC

                                          Term 3- week 6
                               Group Green, Reading an article
                            Resource:SJ, part 3, number 3, 2010

Where is chatham island, and what is the weather like there?
In the pacific ocean and very wild

Who were the first people to arrive there? How did they get there?
The maori people arrived in a waka

How did the moriori live? give some example                                       
By hunting for fish in the ocean

What is a wash-through wake?What was it used for?
Its a waka which water can come through the bottom

Why were the wake korai and the wake paging so special?
Because wake korai had kelp to help the bottom float

What do the words Ballast and Capsize mean?
Ballast- It means something that is heavy that keep a boat stable
Capsize- It means

Please give a brief summary of the article.
The waka korai was a wash through waka the design was made to be ballast. The maori’s row backwards on the waka korai.

Why were the moriori considered backwards?
It was designed like that or it was a faster way

What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why?
I think the design was built great

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