Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Matariki Poem

A lot of people are into shoes and cars
when I see Matariki I see shooting stars
Matariki means tiny eye
the stars are scattered inside the sky
the Matariki stars are as beautiful just like my face
it’s celebrated by the Maori race
Matariki is the Maori new year
so everybody gather around and cheer
to celebrate this celebration
by the Maori nation

Monday, 25 May 2015

Early Childhood Centre

It was cold once room 10 walked out of the classroom and went to the library. Once we got to the library we had to choose one simple book, a less complicated where the younger ones from the early childhood centre could understand most of it. Once we got our book we made our way down to the Early Childhood Centre. When we got to the centre we sat down then stood up to sing a song, the song we sang was "if your happy and you know it". After we finished our song we had to pick a younger child to read to him and play with him. Me and Lennyx chose Lucas. We read to him and played around with him, after that we had to leave because our time was over. We went to put our shoes on and was getting ready to go back class.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Year 8 TC Reflection

On Tuesday 28th of April the year 8s from Pt England, Tamaki Primary, Glen Innes Primary, Ruapotaka, Panmure Bridge , St Pius and Glenbrae met in the auditorium. We went to Tamaki College to have a tour around the school. They gave us name tags, a house code and a USB. My group was called R La, R La stood for Rata.

Our first class was science with Mrs Smallwood. Mrs Smallwood taught us how to make ice cream with a Ziploc bag. You needed 2 ziploc bags 1 large one and one small one, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 and a half cups of milk or cream, 1 quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, 6 tablespoons of rock salt and enough ice to fill the large ziploc bag half way. We started the process with the small bag first by pouring milk in first then putting in the 1 tablespoon of sugar and then adding 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. After we finished with the small ziploc bag we started with the large ziploc bag by filling the bag with ice until it reached the halfway point then we added 6 tablespoons of rock salt. We put the small bag into  the large bag and started shaking for 5 minutes until it was ready.

After science class we went to our remaining classes we had physical education with Doris. We played three games we had hand soccer, basketball and touch. we kept playing but the other team won then it was time for interval so we went back to the auditorium and ate.

We had English and Maths after interval then we had lunch then we had social studies then back to the auditorium then back to school to back to home.