Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basketball Term 1 Week 11 Tuesday 2014 Joseph L Presents VPP

This morning we started up with a warm up,we were running half - way then then to the end. We were split into two groups both with equal players. Then our coach explained the rules to us, she said she will say a specific number then the first number of players will run to get one ball, our coach will be holding two balls each team, will grab one ball and would pass to each player in their team then they will aim shoot.  


Monday, 14 April 2014

Warming Up, Cooling Down - Response Activities Joseph L VPP

How to keep warm

Humans normal temperature is 37 degrees Celsius if its below the normal temperature you are cold if its over the normal temperature you are hot. Igloo is a great hut for insulating your bodies in the snow. An igloo is a hut in the snow which is made of blocks of snow, which has little air pockets which prevents the heat from escaping.

How to keep cool

Ventilation is a great way to keep cool especially when you are at an area with high temperature. Cold water can hydrate your bodies. An  aIr conditioner which produces cold air could keep you cool.