Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial And Credits

Today we learnt about credit and financial rules from Miss Rachel and how to earn credits from the government. If you don’t pay your frequent payments due on the day you were supposed to pay it you would lose your credit from the government. When you make a mistake you must be honest with the one you a paying so they could understand and won’t file overdue papers.

We were learning about what we should really spend our money on the things we really need and who we can trust when we let people borrow your possessions.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Technology Reflection Week 2 Term 4

Last week at Technology we were designing t-shirt designs for our t-shirts with Mr Pineda our graphics teacher. I designed a bulletproof design with the a skull in the centre of it. The word Bullet was on top of the design which was above the skull and the word Proof was underneath the skull, the skull looked a bit like the punisher skull and words are bold. I didn’t have time to colour it in but it was just a draft, we finished technology at 10:40am then we came back school.

Kiwi Can Reflection Week 3 Term 4

Today we had another Kiwi Can session with Miss Tuia and Mr Numia, started it off with our energizer. Our energizer was following instructions. One person goes and look at our instructions then comes back and tells us what we had to do

After our energizer we played our activity and our activity was “Human Knot” there would be two groups and both groups form a circle and everybody in the circle has to grab a hand across them with their right hand then after their right they grab another person’s hand with your left hand then try untangle yourself without letting go. Our group took three minutes to untangle ourselves but the other group took a while to untangle themselves we redid ours over and over again until the other group finished.

We had GKQ, General, Knowledge, Questions, after our activity. Four people started then the next four until it ends. We ended it with our goodbye.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kiwi Can Reflection Week 2 Term 4

Today on Friday 23rd of October, we had another session with Kiwi Can, Room 10 and Room 9 had Kiwi Can after our Duffy assembly. Our Kiwi Can tutors are Miss Tuia and Mr Numia, we now have a new topic and it’s respect, respecting ourselves is our topic.

We were talking about our personal strengths and how everybody is unique. We started off with a warm up game, Miss Tuia and Mr Numia divided us into two groups. In the groups one person had to go in the middle and say what they like or what they are good at and the others who formed a circle likes or do what the person in the middle does they have to run around the circle and back to their spot and the last back to their spot has to go in the middle and it will be their turn.

After our warm up game we had another game and in this game their were a caller and some taggers and players. The caller has to call out a fruit and the players have to jump away from the taggers.

At the end of our session we received class points. Both classes received equal points.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Tamaki College Technology Reflection

This morning the year 7 and 8's went to Tamaki College to have technology, The year 7's had sewing and the year 8's graphics with Mr. Pineda. We were drawing designs for our t-shirt we were making for ourselves. I drew a bullet proof design with a punisher looking skull in the centre of the paper, bullet was above the skull and the proof was underneath the skull. That was just for my draft, it was 10:40am and the bell rang. We had finished Technology and headed back to our school.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Safety Hazards In Cooking

These are the safety hazards we did in technology today at Tamaki College today ion the morning session.